rosecco lovers already know that this extraordinary wine comes from the vineyards surrounding the town of Valdobbiadene; right there at Col San Martino, a pleasant village in the heart of the D.O.C. zone, is to be found the "Cantina Adamo Canel".

r Adamo Canel, the founder, spent his entire life taking care of his vines rows: nowadays the same devotion is paid by his sons Vincenzo, Fausto, Annamaria, and Tiziano, who follow his steps carrying on his work and making every effort to further improve the results they've achieved so far. The Canels proudly assert the management will always remain a family business.

o, with the least surprise, year after year the wine making long history takes place again, with the whole family's engagement: the rare hill grapes are vintaged by hand and then softly pressed, finally only the flower must undergoes the method Charmat second fermentation.

he wines and spumanti by the "Cantina Adamo Canel" are then bottled and dressed to reach the connoisseurs' tables